Capital Region Aquatic Center is designed to accommodate training and practice time for all aquatic sports.  The facility will have the equipment and space so that all levels of aquatic sports from developmental and age group to college and masters can effectively train in the facility.

All Sports Welcome

The Aquatic Center will be a place for all aquatic sports:

  • Competitive Swimming
  • Competitive Diving
  • Synchronized Swimming
  • Water Polo
  • Triathlons

The Benefits

Research has shown that participating in competitive swimming at a young age helps children perform better socially and academically, and that swimming from an early age:

  • Enhances gross motor skill development and coordination
  • Promotes personality development
  • Leads to greater happiness, health, and development of the ‘whole’ child

NCAA reported in 2015 that athletes who participate in competitive swimming and diving in college have GPA’s higher than that of the general student body.

adirondack aquatic center
Building the Center

Make It Happen!

Get involved in this wonderful, transformational project and ensure the health and vitality of the Greater Capital Region for generations to come. The Capital Region Aquatic Center welcomes partners, patrons, and promoters.

Options For Tax Deductible Giving

There are three ways to make a tax-deductible contribution:

  1. Click on the “Donate” button above to contribute through PayPal.
  2. Make a check payable to: “Adirondack Aquatic Center” and mail to:
    Adirondack Aquatic Center PO Box 2423 Malta, NY 12020
  3. Donate stocks instead of cash – this allows you to deduct the amount of the charitable donation AND avoid the unrealized gains on the appreciated shares.