Capital Region Aquatic Center will be a place for everyone to enjoy the water. Want to enjoy the perks of a pool when it’s too hot to be outside? Or maybe too cold? The facility will be open year round for family fun.

Child Engagement

Children will:

  • Unplug! Kids can’t play video games in the water
  • Relax! Playing in the water is a low impact way to have fun
  • Move! The water provides an easy way for full body motion

Birthday Parties

Always wanted a pool party but your kid’s birthday is during the colder seasons? Birthday parties will be welcome at the Aquatic Center.

Day Care & Day Camps

Day Care Centers and Day Camps can take advantage of the many pools at the Aquatic Center.

aquatic programs, birthday parties
Building the Center

Make It Happen!

Get involved in this wonderful, transformational project and ensure the health and vitality of the Greater Capital Region for generations to come. The Capital Region Aquatic Center welcomes partners, patrons, and promoters.

Options For Tax Deductible Giving

There are three ways to make a tax-deductible contribution:

  1. Click on the “Donate” button above to contribute through PayPal.
  2. Make a check payable to: “Adirondack Aquatic Center” and mail to:
    Adirondack Aquatic Center PO Box 2423 Malta, NY 12020
  3. Donate stocks instead of cash – this allows you to deduct the amount of the charitable donation AND avoid the unrealized gains on the appreciated shares.