Capital Region Aquatic Center’s History

Capital Region Aquatic Center is a planned 80,000-square-foot indoor aquatic facility that will be the premier facility of its kind in the Northeast. It will be an economic generator bringing millions of dollars to the Capital Region each year. This state-of-the-art facility will provide swimming instruction for all ages, offer aquatic therapy and exercise, and serve as a host for local, regional and national aquatic competitions. The facility will help save lives through Learn-to-Swim programs, increase the health of the population in our region, and draw more than 100,000 athletes and spectators each year. Planning for Capital Region Aquatic Center began in the summer of 2013 when a group of swim parents identified the need for a state-of-the-art aquatic center in the Capital Region. The parents contracted with TSE Consulting, an international firm with expertise in assessing a region’s aquatic programming needs, to further explore this possibility. The firm’s study results showed that the Capital Region is indeed underserved in terms of year-round, accessible, indoor water. Although there are a number of pools in the region, each of these has been designed to serve the needs of specific user groups. Facility operators prioritize the needs of their target users, leaving many aquatic groups underserved and competing for access to the few remaining hours of pool time. With this in mind, Capital Region Aquatic Center Board of Directors worked with an aquatic engineer and architectural firm to develop a schematic of the proposed facility and capture the vision on paper. The Board of Directors plans to raise the necessary funds through a combination of public and private funding including tax-deductible donations, grants, and loans.

The Capital Region Aquatic Center

The Capital Region Aquatic Center is envisioned as a regional indoor aquatic center for people of all ages and abilities. Incorporated in 2014, the Aquatic Center is a not-for-profit recognized by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3).

Capital Region Aquatic Center
Board of Directors

Kara Haraden, President

Mike Relyea, Vice President

Laura Davis, Treasurer

Sara Gregory, Secretary

Jeff Frankel

Taylor Slone

Vince Versaci

Our Mission

  1. Prevent drowning by teaching children and adults how to swim.
    The Capital Region Aquatic Center will provide learn-to-swim scholarship programs for those who may not be able to afford lessons. Learning to swim can save a life.
  2. Promote fitness, especially for those who are limited on land.
    There are few indoor facilities that offer the proper aquatic experience for people to get and stay strong in the water. The Aquatic Center will have four pools for promoting fitness: a therapeutic pool 90 degrees warm, an instructional pool which is 86 degrees, a community/training/competition pool at 79 degrees, and a diving well of approximately 79 degrees.
  3. Provide a center for competition. 
    The Capital Region Aquatic Center will be a regional destination where athletes of all ages – from developing 6-year-olds to masters swimmers and triathletes – can practice and compete. The Aquatic Center will provide classes and learning opportunities for many sports that need water.
  4. Provide a place for warm water aquatic therapy. 
    It is necessary to provide warm water for some aspects of aquatic exercise. The Capital Region Aquatic Center will have at least one therapeutic pool that will allow people to heal and exercise in a safe, aquatic environment. The Aquatic Center has the ability to expand to two therapy pools.
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